Digital Mammography

Your mammogram is more than sound preventive health – it can save your life.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. To beat it, we must find it. Find it early and the five year survival rate is greater than 99%

At Tolland Imaging Center, we’re screening for breast cancer in a whole new way – with wide - angle, high - definition breast tomosynthesis. It’s the next generation of 3D mammography that provides more detail of your breast tissue, making early and accurate dete ction of even small cancers achievable.

See the Difference

Our new 3D technology helps us see more of your breast structure by taking the widest scan of your breast with the greatest depth resolution of any system on the market. The result is better separation of overlapping tissue that obscures lesions, and high - quality 3D images that help our team deliver a more precise diagnosis

Feel the difference

Personalized compression makes our mammogram less painful and more accurate. Feel the difference with soft compression that slows the paddle slows when it meets the breast and stops automatically when optimal compression for your breast is reached. Our paddles are built for comfort too, with soft edges and a breast - optimized shape

We believe every woman deserves the best that science has to offer. At Tolland Imaging, our new system is built for your personal needs and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the fight against breast cancer

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Mammography

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digital mammography at Tolland Imaging

What is a mammography?

Mammography is a method of examining the breasts by using low-dose x-rays. This simple, painless procedure can detect tumors and cysts, often to small to be felt by a manual examination. It can help differentiate between harmless or benign tumors and cancer, although a definitive diagnosis requires a biopsy to study cells from the actual breast lump.

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